Empowering the Future of Medicine, One Scholarship at a Time.

Welcome to The Harwood Charitable Trust, where we are committed to elevating the standards of healthcare globally. Our scholarship programme focuses on providing higher education opportunities to students who are devoted to practising medicine. With your help, we aim to extend our reach into developing countries, ensuring quality patient care and medical resources are accessible for all.

Who We Are

The Harwood Charitable Trust is a philanthropic initiative funded by Harwood Capital. While we operate as a separate legal entity, our values align closely with those of the Harwood Capital Management Group, founded by Christopher Mills in 2011. With over £2 billion in Assets under Management in public and private equities, our investments actively contribute to the betterment of the companies in which they invest, creating substantial value and returns for our investors.

Our Partners

We are proud to announce our cornerstone partnership with Learna, an esteemed educational platform, which has over a decade of experience in delivering high-quality, flexible online education.

Learna collaborates with various universities to offer internationally recognised postgraduate diplomas, MSc, and MBA programmes. Since its inception, Learna has empowered over 5,000 students to advance their careers.

"With the Harwood Charitable Trust sponsoring our students, we not only witness an increase in enrolment but also observe a heightened level of commitment and motivation among our scholarship recipients. In essence, this partnership considerably augments our ability to empower the next generation of medical practitioners, aligning perfectly with both Learna's and Harwood's mutual objectives for a better, healthier world.”

Professor Steve Davies, Founding Director, Learna Ltd.

"As a working mum I face so many challenges in terms of working and studying but with support from the Harwood scholarship programme, I stay motivated and keep managing day by day. Once again thank you so much for the support."

Dr. Kimera, MSc in Pain Management

Our Vision

Imagine a world where the next generation of medical practitioners is equipped with the skills, education, and resources to save lives on a global scale. That's the world we envision. Currently, The Harwood Charitable Trust sponsors 24 students through Learna's programmes, and our commitment to expand the scholarship programme will continue over the next decade.

Our Aim

We strive to amplify the incredible work of organisations like Learna within the medical community. As we continually improve and evolve, our platform offers a convenient way for others to invest in this noble cause without the complications of setting up their own charitable initiatives.

“The Trust’s aims are consistent with Harwood’s focus on the medical industry. Teaching students in their country of residence is beneficial to local communities and effective in that it secures their futures over the long term.”

Christopher Mills
Founder & CEO of Harwood Capital Management Limited